The processing of hazelnuts starts with cleaning and drying. Special modern equipment purifies raw materials by removing casual impurities and sorts out nonstandard hazelnuts automatically. Then the elevator and conveyor systems deliver raw material to the automatic dryers, which bring the humidity to within parameters of the established standards.

After that, in the calibration area, hazelnuts are gathered into different bins depending on their size, which aids in the subsequent stage of processing.

Two different types of equipment are involved in the process of separating the shells from the kernels of hazelnuts. Then shelled hazelnut kernels are sorted by size again. At the beginning of this stage, the final parameters of the prepared product are defined by industry standards and customer requirements.

Passing through the diligently sorting women hands, the hazelnut kernel acquires its primary, marketable attribute: part of the kernels undergoes deeper processes that enable us to provide consumers with the widest range of hazelnut products possible, including roasted, chopped, ground, etc.

Hazelnut kernels are brought to the necessary humidity and degree of roasting in the heat treatment area. Hot air, brought to the necessary temperature, gathers in the automatic ovens. Afterward, roasted kernels are shelled due to the internal temperature reached. By means of photocells, the unit separates shelled hazelnut kernels from the remaining kernels completely. The prepared kernel, brought to within certain parameters set by customer requirements, undergoes cutting down to the size of 0-2 mm (flour), 2-4 mm, 4-6 mm, along with various other sizes as the customer desires.