Some of the key principles contributing to Nutsoil’s stellar work performance are safety and the quality of the supplied products, and adherence to the strictest quality standards at both local and international levels is key. Our enterprise adopted clear and rigorous standards for harvesting and processing to ensure control quality.

The production and distribution of our hazelnuts is also a key part of the quality control process. All raw material supplied to the company is primarily tested in the company’s own laboratory. Laboratory tests are conducted in accordance with European standards for product quality assurance and are implemented at all stages of product processing right down to the finished product.

Once approved by the laboratory technicians, hazelnuts are sent to sorting where they are cleaned out of debris that falls in during nutting. Hazelnuts with a specific humidity level are those fit for production; therefore, hazelnuts are dried to the required standard. Hazelnuts may easily get spoiled and lose their flavor if they remain excessively humid, so there are special cameras for storing dry hazelnuts so as to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels.

Manually sorting hazelnuts is still the best way to provide quality results. The employees working on the sorting conveyor remove damaged and spoiled hazelnuts as well as hazelnut shells. Also, the employees are sorting these hazelnuts after undergoing hygienic hand disinfection with an alcohol-based solution. The production of food products requires strict observance of rigid sanitary rules.

It is important to wear special gowns and caps while on the shop floor areas of the factory. A special, smooth coating is used for floors in the shop areas. Such coverage makes disinfection thorough. Monitoring occurs in all stages of production (checking temperature and humidity levels), and cleaning is held several times per day in accordance with our schedule. At the moment,the company has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) certificates, which are recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).